Sahakyan cake

Sahakyan cakes was founded in 2002. In a short period of time the shop became everyone's favorite. Sahakyan cakes is unique, as it not only produces tasty cakes but also provides cakes for different purposes with various designs. You can order different cakes such as Birthday cake Wedding cake Baptismal cake Cake for kids’ events Corporate and other kinds of cakes Sahakyan cakes has more than 30 different kinds of cakes, each of which has a unique taste.

All the cakes are made with the natural ingredients and don't contain any chemical elements. Sahakyan cakes were improved through the time which can be confirmed by the clients. We value our clients' satisfaction, that's why we do our best to achieve that. From 2023 on we have delivery due to which you can deliver your favorite cake without worrying about going to the shop. Our couriers will complete your delivery at the precise time and definitely with lots of love.